By Ed Aurelio C. Reyes

Kamalaysayan Writers and Speakers

(July 1996)

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N BASKETBALL, this final period is announced as a shrill signal over the public address system. And there is even a product being mentioned sponsoring its coverage. "Last two minutes!" is actually a crucial period only in closely fought contests, which not many matches really are.

But the last stretch periods of the Centennial Year of the Philippine Revolution of 1896, namely the last last full month and the last two weeks, are very crucial to give justice to all the efforts put in earlier in preparation for this commemoration we have called Sentenaryo 96 . (The entire month of August 1996 is the centennial month, the climax of the centennial year that began in August 1995.)

We had earlier set forth the themes, the goals, the parameters, the campaign design, the timetables, in short, all the essentials to start up, guide and sustain a full blown campaign for significant and wide scale commemoration. The campaign slogan, "Kasali kami! Sali tayong lahat!" has been successful in drawing in the involvement of entire organizations, institutions and many individual persons in a wide variety of activities and projects, all celebrating the Centennial of the 1896 Revolution and saluting the spirit of the Katipunan that led it.

We have been successful in building the campaign networks among artists, youth, women, toiling masses, indigenous peoples, academe, overseas Filipinos, media persons, local governments and communities, associations, are all consequences of crucial decisions at that meeting. The role of the Kartilya ng Katipunan as one of the cutting edges, and as factor for deepening was determined that early, although the channels for its propagation were developed over the months that followed.

By now a substantial segment of the population has come to know of Sentenaryo 96 and it will not be very difficult for those people to inform the rest about it in the coming few weeks. Kamalaysayan's "Kalendaryo ng Sentenaryo 96" has been released in weekly editions, with a growing list of diverse activities already slated for July and August, and those who have received this calendar have been encouraged to plan their own activities for inclusion in later editions. "Don't wait to be told what other people's and other group's plans are! Make your own and tell us so we can publicize them!" This has been our call oft-repeated in our weekly radio program, Sentenaryo sa Radyo over Radio Veritas, 846 kHz AM (aired on Saturdays, 11 a.m.).

Chances are, the momentum can only grow stronger, the excitement level can only rise. We are not only commemorating history here we are making a new history. Well, the 100th birth day of the nation deserves to be celebrated by the entire nation. And we are really doing it!

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