By Ed Aurelio C. Reyes

Kamalaysayan Writers and Speakers

(July 1996)

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HE FILIPINO PEOPLE were born as a nation in the outbreak of the 1896 Philippine Revolution a century ago. Before that date, all our struggles against Spanish rule were uncoordinated and therefore unsuccessful. It was only when our people, spanning the range of the archipelago from Batanes in the north to Cotabato in the south, acted as one, acted for the first time as a nation, that they were able to wage a successful two-year struggle to win decisive victory over the 333-year-old Spanish colonial domination. That victory was not to be erased from history, even though the U.S. forces snatched it from our hands the following year.

Sentenaryo '96 marks the centennial of our birth as a nation, and not just the centennial of the revolution. This framework of the celebration promoted by Kamalaysayan does not highlight any distinction between any set of "first eight provinces" and the rest. This occasion deserves to be celebrated by all who belong to this nation, wherever they may be. Kasali tayong lahat!

But how do we make all our ordinary people, your constituents, feel that this is not just a Metro Manila affair? We propose that you, as local government leaders, take an active role in helping promote the birth-of-the-nation theme and the real Spirit of the Katipunan, as expressed in its Kartilya.

In promoting the Happy 100th Birthday celebration, we appeal to you to participate in the Lakbayang Sentenaryo 96 project, by undertaking within your respective local government territories any or all of the following: motorcade, cycling run, marathon run and marching, any or all of which to display streamers or posters bearing the words "Lakbayang Sentenaryo 96," "Sentenaryo ng Pagsilang ng Bansa sa Rebolusyong 1896" and "Kasali Kami! Sali Tayong Lahat!" We can provide you with the Sentenaryo '96 occasion logo and tape cassette of the Sentenaryo '96 song that can be played/sung in your activities. We would appreciate the involvement of private, citizen and church groups, to the maximum extent possible. Talagang kasali lahat(!) both in planning and execution.

In promoting the spread of the Kartilya, we can make arrangements for you to have copies and skilled personnel for its propagation.

Please consider our appeal seriously. It will be a devaluation of the historic event of the birthing of our nation if the celebrations do not go well beyond the national capital region and if it does not touch the hearts and minds of the local communities. And on this matter, your role is crucial.

(Kamalaysayan Media Service)



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