By Ed Aurelio C. Reyes

Kamalaysayan Writers and Speakers

(October 1995)

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HE ROLE being played by the Kampanya para sa Kamalayan sa Kasaysayan (KAMALAYSAYAN, for short) in the SENTENARYO `96 commemoration campaign has created some confusion in the minds of many campaign participants, including some of the more active ones. There are even moments when this writer, being the overall coordinator of SENTENARYO `96, tends to feel a bit overwhelmed by all that are being planned to be done between now and the centennial climax this coming August.

Clarifying the dual role is the key to easing up the unnecessary part of the tensions, so we can concentrate on what we really have to focus our excited worries on. KAMALAYSAYAN is a campaign network with an active campaign center.

It is rather loose a network as it is a large one (with participating organizations, institutions and individuals "of all colors, sizes and shapes," and a dozen or so SENTENARYO `96 "sub-networks"). Because of its looseness, many would mistake our board of directors or our management committee for the entire KAMALAYSAYAN network itself. The active campaign center numbers no more than a dozen people, and it would be unimaginable for this handful to be able to mount successfully even just half of the dozen or so major projects and just half of the dozen or so sectoral sub-campaigns that KAMALAYSAYAN has slated for the next ten months.

Why so many projects? Why are these so varied? These are questions that are asked me and others in the SENTENARYO `96 campaign center. Why so many and so varied -- because we want this to be the people's commemoration, and when we use the word "people" here, we mean at least a simple majority of Filipinos; the only way to actively involve the so many and so varied Filipinos in the centennial commemoration is to have so many and so varied activities. This is actually realizable, and the key is to have so many and so varied centers of initiative, so many and so varied participating groups, so many and so varied sub-networks, all undertaking their own respective activities and projects that enhance the people's awareness of the greatness and "Kartilya"-inspired spirit of the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

This is why KAMALAYSAYAN was transformed into a fast-growing campaign network“ in August 1994!

And the campaign center, composed of a dozen or so active volunteers (hopefully to afford to have some hired staffing eventually), is not imagining to be able to pursue all these activities by itself. The campaign center's role is to catalyze, to inspire, to encourage, to coordinate, to assist in research, to publicize, and most of all to project to all the unity in diversity of all these "so many and so varied" projects and activities.

Unity in saluting the great Kartilya -inspired spirit of the Katipunan and celebrating the centennial of no less than the birth of our nation in August 1896.

(Kamalaysayan Media Service)



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