His body was barely buried when he was killed at Cavite on May 10, 1897. Later, when his remains were found, they were placed in a sack and had since been moved from one place to another until they were put on display at the National Museum buiilding (now called the "Executive House"). After World War II with the Japanese troops retreating from Manila, American planes relentlessly bombed the whole city and destroyed the building. With it, the bones of Andres Bonifacio.

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At high noon of May 10, 1997, in commemoration of SENTENARYO-BONIFACIO '97, officially the 100th anniversary of his death, KAMALAYSAYAN led about 200 people from various walks of life and were joined by Bonifacio descendants in a solemn SYMBOLIC FUNERAL of Andres Bonifacio at the Pamitinan Cave in Montalban, an acknowledged Temple of Katipunan Spirituality.  Despite meager resources, KAMALAYSAYAN took this step, in partnership with the Office of the Vice Mayor of Montalban and the Philippine Normal University History Department, in order to confront the reality of the infamy of the crime that was his killing, and start the process of profound healing.

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