Syndicated Column

on Sense of History

By Ed Aurelio C. Reyes

Founder, Kampanya para sa Kamalayan sa Kasaysayan

President, SanibLakas Foundation  and Convening Director,

DAKILAHI: Filipinos for Life Network 




[ These are items from the regular KAMALAYSAYAN column produced weekly from 1991-97 by the Kamalaysayan Media Service (KMS), as written by Ed Aurelio C. Reyes, and sent by fax to direct subscribers and made available also to indirect subscribers via the facilities of Philippine News Agency (PNA) and Sun-Star News Service (SNS, formerly Mabuhay News Service), and/or contributed to Health Alert Magazine, Baguio Midland Courier and/or Palawan Sun between September 1991 and June 1997.]


 On Sense of History 

The 'kamalaysayan' Imperative October 1994

Our Common Roots as Filipinos  October 1994

Realization From a One-Foot Ruler November 1994
Don't Memorize All Those Dates! September 1996

We still Need a History Week  September 16, 1995
Why We Should All Care About Our History December 1995
Regain our Sense of Nationhood! September 1996
Urgent Need for National Rebirth September 1996
Museums Without Walls March 1996

Schooling and Education June 7, 1997

 Kartilya and the Spirit of the Katipunan

Good Friday at Bernardo Carpio's Sacred Cave March 1996
Spirituality in Our Sense of History February 1996
The Rise and Fall of the Katipunan Spirit August 1996

     Read also Atty PabloTrillana III's piece on Katipunan Spirituality. Click here .
Reviewing the Kartilya (SEEKING YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSES) April 1996
Change Our Kalooban Before Our Symbols December 1995
The Fourteenth Kartilya Lesson September 1995
Parenting With the Katipunan's Kartilya May 1996

Gender Sensitivity in the Kartilya  August 1996

 Heroes and Heroism

Every Year is a Year of Heroes August 1996
Our Collective Heroism June 1996
Why Compare our National Heroes? May 1996

(Heroes are alphabetically arranged; Research work on women heroes still underway)


Interactive: How Well Do We Really Know Bonifacio? May 1997

(On Bonifacio Death Centennial) Click here .


Ill-fated Parish Priest of Makati, February1993


Preparing for Jacinto's 120th Birthday October 1995


Jaena: Outstanding Orator, Editor, Patriot January 1996


Betrayed Brother's Bloodied Body, June 1993


Sublime Statesman, July 1993
Handicapped Hero, July 1993


Macli-ing Contrasted to John Hay August 1995


Plaridel: Journalist Statesman, December 1996


Rizal in the Dark in His Park October 1995
Our Own Trial of Rizal, December 1996

An Honor to Play Rizal, January 1997

      Read also Atty. Pablo Trillana III's incisive article on the exile. Click here .


John Hay Contrasted to Macli-ing August 1995
MacArthur: Flawed Hero of Leyte Landing August 1995
Philip II: What's in an Infamous Name? March 1996

            Read also Nathan Gilbert Quimpo's  in-depth research  article on our country's name. Click here .

The Philippine Revolution of 1896

Struggle All Over the Archipelago May 1996
Centennial Days, Not Just One Day! July 1996

       Read also Dr. Jaime Veneracion's article on the first 100 days.  Click here .
      Read also Joe Eddie Velasquez's article on the big  role of Pasig. Click here .

Love Which Flag? June 1996

          Read also Rudy Liporada's article on his touching experience with the Philippine Flag. Click here .

The More Historic Event of 1898 May 31, 1997


Sentenaryo '96 Commemoration Campaign

 Why All Should Join Sentenaryo '96 August 1996
Last Two Minutes! July 1996
KAMALAYSAYAN's Role in Sentenaryo '96 Oct. 1996

 Kartilya ng Katipunan and Gender Sensitivity August 1996
Appeal to Local Government Leaders July 1996
Proud to be Anak ng Pasig June 1996

 Rift Between Kamalaysayan and NCC? May 17, 1997

Earth Day in the Year of Sentenaryo '96 April 1996
A Century of Forest Destruction July 1996

Sentenaryo '96 Call to the Mass Media August 1996

Sentenaryo-Bonifacio '97 Commemoration Campaign

  Centennial Year of Bonifacio's Death June 1995

  Bonifacio Symbolic Funeral: Humble, Historic May 10, 1997
What We Seek to Revive as We 'Bury' Bonifacio May 3, 1997
Bonifacio Sacked from Phil. Money January 1997
Brilliant Military Plan and Operation
August 1996
How Well Do We Really Know Bonifacio?
  May 1997





kamalaysayan and Specific Issues

US, Japanese Sights on APEC October 1996
Approach SPCPD With A Sense of History July 1996     

Read also Atty. PabloS. Trillana III's advice to President Ramos on this matter. Click here .

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